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Covid-19: How London Sport staff are adapting to #StayInWorkOut

Blog post   •   Mar 25, 2020 11:03 GMT

Two women on yoga mats enjoy exercise at home

Like everyone, London Sport are adapting to the current climate in numerous ways, but one thing that hasn’t stopped or diminished is our passion for physical activity.

As such, and in line with current government guidelines, staff are finding new and creative ways to keep themselves physically healthy and maintain good mental health.

Many are benefiting from tech innovators, whose efforts we highlighted yesterday, and attempting to get outside in the fresh air where permitted.

We spoke to four members of staff to see how they’re adapting to the new normal:

Ruth Martin, House of Sport’s Communications and Operations Officer:

“Running is my thing. I’m used to running my commute in the mornings, a 5km blast at lunchtimes and sometimes a meandering dodge to the train station at the end of the day.

“With studios and gyms forced to close their doors, many of them are moving their workouts and classes into the digital realm and so Instagram TV has suddenly become my new best friend.

“There is something about the live element that makes me feel more motivated to take part, to schedule them in the diary and prompts me to transition from the workday.

“I’m trying out a lot more classes than I’d ever get around to usually. Pilates at 8am? HIIT class at lunchtime? Yoga before dinner? With no commute, getting to class on time is less of a challenge.”

Dan Stracey, Senior Insight manager:

“I’ve been experiencing back pain so efforts to stay active, so far, have included kitchen-based yoga to provide relief, walking in Epping Forest with my heavily pregnant wife Emily and gardening.

“I hope to start running when my back eases to compensate for the lack of a gym. It’s tough declining the recent offer to play tennis with friends, but hopefully for the best, I am taking no chances.”

Mel Antao, Specialist Advisor for Funding:

“I normally do over ten hours of exercise a week and the workouts we, at Richmond Rugby, have been given by our S&C team doesn’t make me feel the same way afterwards as rugby training.

“With the additional three hours of my day from not commuting, I’ve added daily yoga/pilates, Zumba and running up and down two flights of stairs to my daily routine. I also mix up my workstations so that I can stretch or plank or do press-ups whilst working.”

Rob McLean, Relationship Manager:

“I used to go to the gym, come hell or high water, twice a week, after work to do weights and running. I liked the fact I could pack everything into a really compact session.

“Obviously, for now, I can’t do that anymore so I’m using my wife’s yoga mat on our living room floor to keep up my regime of sit-ups and to start a new regime of press-ups.

“Like in the gym, I enjoy working out my limits and then keeping to those and setting myself little targets for improvement.

“To maintain my original routine as much as possible, I’m combining my indoor exercise regime with a run around our local park and have chosen a circuit and will set myself targets for improvement.”

For something a little different, check out Relationship Manager John Arthur’s  Washing Basketball Challenge and his demonstration of Throw Throw Burrito on social media. 

Got your own advice or tip for staying active? Tweet us @LondonSport using #StayInWorkOut.

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