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House of Sport residents supported the Red January campaign at the start of 2020.
House of Sport residents supported the Red January campaign at the start of 2020.

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House of Sport fostering sense of community and collaboration despite lockdown

House of Sport Comms Officer Ruth Martin explains how the team are working to deliver value for money and personal support to residents despite the restrictions of lockdown due to covid-19.

House of Sport was developed to be a co-working space that supports the physical activity and sport sector working within it and fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

So, what happens when everyone is instructed to work from home?

The introduction of lockdown and the necessary guidelines to work from home wherever possible suddenly meant that, for the House of Sport team, physically seeing our residents every day was no more.

Gone were the daily check-ins while delivering the post and the morning catch-ups while grabbing the first coffee of the day.

As each individual organisation adapted to the challenges of working from home, the House of Sport team have prioritised providing practical support that enabled work to continue.

Our aim is to support our residents as they, and all of us, navigate this period of uncertainty and make sure House of Sport is functioning for when we all return. 

Fundamentally we care about our residents.

London Sport continues to support residents, and the wider sector, in a variety of ways but, for us, these organisations are their people; how are they coping both professionally and personally?

The wellbeing of our residents remains as important as ever. Arguably, it’s more important than if we had been in the House together.

We must maintain that sense of community and connection that, in turn, supports the continuation of the all-important work that individuals and organisations are doing on a daily basis.

Communication has been key and digital platforms have made it possible for us to carry on the conversations.

We can’t all meet up and go for a run or head to the park at lunchtime for a social game of football but keeping in touch with each other through open channels of communication remains invaluable.

We’ve introduced a new newsletter where the focus is a weekly dose of office banter that we are all missing right now.

We’re sharing content to make you think, inviting responses to quizzes, recipe sharing, book recommendations and podcast reviews that aim to reflect the personality of House of Sport and encourage engagement.

Really it is about letting our residents know we are there for them; providing a background to this new way of working.

House of Sport is so much more than the bricks and mortar that make up the building. 

The sense of community cultivated at the House has grown massively over the past two years and is not limited to the four walls around Level 5.

There is no doubt that the covid-19 crisis will have a huge impact on how organisations decide to work and operate in the future.

Perhaps more people will elect to work from home to suit their lifestyles and there will be a new level of flexibility in the way people can work?

Regardless, House of Sport will be a co-working space ready with a warm smile and a friendly face, ready to accommodate whoever needs our support, collaboration or just a quick coffee and a chat – whether that’s digitally or face-to-face.




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