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Staff taking part in RED January 2020
Staff taking part in RED January 2020

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London Sport staff get behind RED January 2021 as it comes at a critical time

Marketing and Communications Intern, Megan Walsh, spoke to London Sport staff that are taking part in RED January 2021 to discuss their reasons for taking part and why others should do the same.

London has entered its second week within the new national lockdown so it feels like RED January has come at a critical time to keep us moving.

In line with the current government guidelines, many members of London Sport staff are taking part in this year’s RED January to keep themselves physically active and maintain good mental health whilst raising money to support sport and good mental health.

We spoke to three members of staff to discuss their experiences and reasons why they are taking part in RED January 2021:

Susan Hutton, Director of Finance and Governance:

“Last January I was inspired by (RED January founder) Hannah Beecham and my colleagues Chris ScottChris Anderson and Alex Zurita who signed up to RED January 2020 and completed their (running) 5k a day. 

“In less of a blaze of publicity I also signed up. And my aims were somewhat modest - to walk an additional 5k a day, amazingly I also achieved this.

“Since then, I have set time aside most days to go for a walk. In addition to seeing parts of Lewisham that I did not know existed, I have consistently improved my speed and am knocking on the door of 2,500kms since.

“With a year like no other I am so glad I did this, the benefits to my mental health are incalculable. This routine often provides me with both a great start to many days, but also a clear end to my working day.

“Thanks to you all for inspiring me. Anyone thinking about signing up for RED January do it now, you won't regret it.”

Alex Zurita, Specialist Advisor - Technology for Participation:

“RED January works well for me as I like being physically active in a more social / group manner. With RED I feel that I am part of a bigger social group, there is an element of ensuring that ‘I am doing my part’ while I also stick to my routine more by being driven by positive peer pressure.

“Last year’s #5kEveryDay challenge as part of RED January 2020 brought all that into practice, there was an element of doing a challenge, we raised over £500 for MIND while doing the challenge as part of a group of colleagues at London Sport.

"It was also important to support an initiative that is part of our Sport Tech Hub community.

“With the new lockdown in place, being physically active has never been more important. I am using this year’s RED January initiative as my daily break while trying each day to be active by using a new SportTech product.

"For example using Fiit, TrainAsONE, Auro, Breathe Happy and checking in on Our Parks’ Couch to Fitness or as a family doing Joe Wicks and following one of the Disney Dance-Along routines created by This Girl Can and Disney.”

Chris Scott, Head of Corporate Communications:

“RED January looks a little different for me this year; where last year I was finding ways to squeeze in 5k in the dark after work every day, this year it’s a daily walk and whatever type of online exercise class I can find on YouTube.

“It’s definitely a different sort of RED experience, but despite feeling like there’s less at stake than last year’s daily target gave me, it weirdly feels more important this time around.

“We all know this January’s going to be a particularly challenging one, and that little spark of inspiration, motivation, and community that RED January offers is the perfect tonic for difficult times.

“Do I hope RED January 2022 will be different again? Sure. Does it mean what I’m doing this year will have any less of an impact? I doubt it; it all counts, after all.”

RED January is a great campaign to help get Londoners moving throughout this January lockdown, physical activity can really help people across the city to cope throughout these tough times. 

To find out more about Red January click here.




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