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London Sport staff at the charity's annual summer sports day
London Sport staff at the charity's annual summer sports day

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London Sport takes on National Fitness Day

Today (Wednesday 25 September) is National Fitness Day: a chance for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together try new activities and celebrate the fun of fitness. The aim is to establish National Fitness Day as the most active day of the year and raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and sport and the role it plays in helping all of us lead healthy, active lifestyles.

This is an important movement for the nation as we continue to fight the ongoing battle of inactivity. Many us of struggle to fit regular exercise into our busy lives; as shown clearly by the fact that 35% of adult Londoners currently fall short of national guidelines for physical activity. 

While businesses and other employers will all take different approaches to physical activity, we are proud that London Sport is committed to supporting our employees to build physical activity into their working days, in whatever way suits them best. And the benefits go beyond the individual too: analysis from the Active Citizens Worldwide initiative suggests that current physical activity levels in London contribute around £170m in productivity savings each year, through reduced sickness and friction costs.

We've spoken to London Sport staff to see how they're joining in with National Fitness day and what fitness means to them. 

Alex Robinson – Head of Marketing said:

"I will be taking my usual commute to work, cycling from East Dulwich to the London Sport office in Borough.

“Cycling to work enables me to fit physical activity into my daily routine. It drastically improves my productivity and my mental and physical wellbeing throughout the week – I really notice the difference if I don’t ride in.”

Ruth Martin - House of Sport, Operations said:

"Wednesday morning, before work I will be attending the Breezy HITT Crew outside in front of the Tate Morden.

"Fitness to me, especially running, is a way of keeping anxiety at bay and staying level-headed."

John Arthur - Community Relationship Officer- Urban Sport said:

“For National Fitness Day, at work, I’m delivering an Urban Sport session with Coach Core on getting communities active in their urban area. Outside of work I’ll be going for a swim with my wife.

“Being active (fitness) helps me shut down the distraction by making me focus on the activity. It’s a great way of getting a bit of calm.”

To find out more information on National Fitness Day and the free events in your area,




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London Sport aims to make London the most physically active city in the world.

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