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Proud to support our runners
Proud to support our runners

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Meet our London Sport Marathon Runners 2021

On the 3rd of October, more than 40,000 people will run the 26.2-mile (42.2km) marathon through the streets of London.

This year, London Sport runners aim to drive down inequalities in physical activity and sport. For example, activity is much less common for disabled people or for those with long-term health conditions (45%) than those without (66%).

This is the inequality we’ll be tackling with all the money that is fundraised through the Virgin Money London Marathon, helping ensure all Londoners can enjoy the physical, mental and social benefits of physical activity.

We have 4 runners taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2021, find out more about them below:

I am London Sport’s Director of Commercial, Marketing and Communications. This will be my 8th Marathon having sworn to hang up my Marathon shoes ten years ago! 

I’ve since dusted them off after joining London Sport earlier this year. I was inspired by our mission and the work of the sector to tackle inequalities to help those from disadvantaged communities to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits that physical activity provides. 

Running has been my saviour during the pandemic. I’m enjoying taking on the challenge and stepping up the miles, but I know it will only get tougher as the distances get longer. 

However, it will be worth it to cross the finish line and raise money which I hope will contribute in some way to helping others overcome the barriers to being active and enjoys its benefits.

Donate to Tanya’s page here

Due to health complications, I'd done almost zero exercise for 3 years. I'd suffered with a condition that effected my heart and lungs so severely that even walking 5 metres was hard.

Once I'd recovered and was given all clear by the docs, I signed up for my first official race in July of 2018. With the support of family, friends and fitness community, Fly Girl Collective, I made my way around the 5.6km course and it felt so good to be running again. 

It's nuts to me that I'm now training for a marathon, but if we've been able to get through the past 18 months, why not a marathon?  

Motivating me to reach the finish line is my aunt Joyce who has been an incredibly positive influence in my life, a health and fitness fanatic who has always led an active lifestyle and continues to do so since becoming an amputee 12 years ago. I'm honoured to run my first marathon in support of London Sport for their commitment to making participation in sport accessible for people with disabilities.

Donate to Ava’s page here

Keeping active is the most beneficial form of action to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. London Sport work their wonders ensuring the city of London keeps active on a regular basis. I myself have noticed the change in my life ever since I began running.

I was laying on my bed one evening listening to music, dwelling on the fact I was 25 and accomplished absolutely nothing. I put myself forward for the London Marathon 2019 ballot and began to slowly plod home from work. Back then I jogged in a pair of Adidas Gazelles and would do so for the first two months of the journey.

Three and a half years later, a pair of New Balance trainers have taken me to New York, Chicago and Hackney with thousands raised for charity along the way. Keeping active has changed my entire outlook on life. I'm more driven, ambitious and passionate about my future. An active lifestyle has given me the mindset I can achieve anything. I want to inspire and motivate people to do the same.

Donating to London Sport will help change people's lives for the better both physically and mentally, providing communities with support and the facilities to engage in sporting activities, especially during the current difficult climate.

Donate to Dave’s page here

Oluwole Olusegun 

I wish to run on behalf of London Sport first and foremost to pay them back for sponsoring my satellite club. To also promote their good work of funding grassroot sporting and physical activities to make Londoners more active.

I would like to create awareness of their good work to the community and people at large. I want to let the public know that physical activity promotes good health and the wellbeing of people.

Opportunities are abundant, but resources are limited to render the necessary support. By my participation, I will be involved in promoting a good cause and become physically fit to lessen the pressure of the NHS for medical requirements.

How does London Sport support its runners?

This year we are supporting our runners by providing them a goody bag full of the necessary equipment to make them run-ready.

Runners will have everything they need ranging from a Sweaty Betty water bottle, London Sport workout gear, plasters, Vaseline, and nutritional snacks to fuel them through the race.

A special thank you to Eat Natural, Perkier and Nibble who have sponsored our runners’ snacks to keep them going.

We wish all of our runners the best of luck with their marathon run.

To find out more about our work to make London the most active city in the world, read our plans set out in LDN Moving Strategy.




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