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Meet the Team: Chris, Head of Digital Behaviour Change

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Meet the Team: Chris, Head of Digital Behaviour Change

As part of our London Sport Consultancy’s re-brand, we’re sitting down with the key team members working on our consultancy services. Our 'Meet the Team series' begins with Chris Norfield, London Sport’s Head of Digital Behaviour Change.

Chris, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I head up the digital behaviour change team at London Sport Consultancy. We are a small team focused on making it easy for people to take the first steps to being more active.

I started my career as a sports development officer in London setting up activities with local communities. One of the things that always bugged me that whatever activities we started, we found it hard to get people to actually turn up and take part! Over the past 10 years, across a couple of roles, I’ve been trying to find better ways to help people get active.

As part of the Hounslow Public Health team I led on using behavioural insight led approaches to support residents to make changes to improve their health and at London Sport I’ve been working on using the latest digital marketing techniques to reach and engage people in physical activity.

What is your role with London Sport Consultancy?

I help our clients to find the best ways to reach and engage their target audiences online.

This could be through setting up and managing a Facebook Ad campaign to get more users signed up for their product, working with them to create a digital marketing strategy, or project managing the development of digital products and apps.

Over the past year we’ve worked with organisations including Sport England, Our Parks and Intelligent Health to deliver projects reaching over 1 million people and supporting over 100,000 people to take steps to be more active.

Why choose London Sport Consultancy?

Because we focus specifically on promoting physical activity, we spend all our time thinking about how to engage people who are ‘less active’.

Unlike some digital agencies, we don’t focus on decreasing cost per click or increasing page likes. We focus on helping you to get more of your audience to take steps to be active.

We’ve tested hundreds of campaign messages, imagery and video to find what works for engaging those audiences who are sometimes termed ‘hard to reach’.

What are your top learnings from your top projects and why?

That it’s much easier to engage with the people you want to reach on a platform they already spend their time on, rather than trying to entice them to come to your own website! We’ve done a lot of work on using Facebook Ads and Groups to support people to become active, and find it can be much quicker and easier to do that without them leaving Facebook.

What’s your favourite sport/physical activity to do?

When I was younger I’d spend every spare hour training as a gymnast, but nowadays I’m more likely to be trying squeeze in a quick run on the way back from school drop off!

To learn more about Digital Behaviour Change contact Chris Norfield. For more information on what London Sport Consultancy can do for you, email our Business Development Manager Jennie Rivett.




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