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Meet the Team: Michelle, Head of Consultancy

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Meet the Team: Michelle, Head of Consultancy

As part of our London Sport Consultancy’s 'Meet the Team series', we’re sitting down with the key team members working on our consultancy services. Here, we introduce Michelle Vorel-Adams, our Head of Consultancy and Commercial Partnerships.

So, tell us about yourself.

Coming from the background of holding several national junior sprint championship titles to now being a global sport and business entrepreneur, I have always had a mission to make a positive impact in the industry worldwide.

I have a love for education and learning and have many qualifications in the sector including a first-class degree in Sport and Leisure Management from the University of Nottingham followed by an MBA from Keele University.

I have worked the length and breadth of the UK and internationally with organisations such as ACES Europe, the German Olympic Sports Organisation, Whitbread PLC, Hays PLC, Vodafone, David Lloyd Leisure and Sport England. 

I hold a number of high-profile international roles working for ACES Europe as the world’s first Cycling Directeur, UK and Ireland President and an Awards Evaluation Committee Member. I am proud to have been the first female delegate to be appointed to the organisation since its inception in 2001.

I am the Founder of Sphere Connect Limited, a very successful international sport and commerce business based in the UK.

What is your role with London Sport Consultancy?

I have just started as the interim Head of Consultancy and Commercial Partnerships for London Sport and am really excited about the potential for developing our Consultancy offer and portfolio of partnerships and clients.

Supported by what is clearly a talented and enthusiastic team, I aim to use my commercial experience and extensive sector networks both in the UK and internationally to help London Sport to become a leading provider of consultancy services to the sector.

Why choose London Sport Consultancy?

The London Sport brand is a powerful one and we enjoy access to an outstanding network of partners, specialists in the sector and support from Sport England and the Mayor’s office.

As such, we have a unique position in which to be able to develop and offer a range of market-leading consultancy services.

We undoubtedly have an attractive proposition for a range of potential clients and can draw upon an array of expertise both in-house and via our networks to deliver bespoke services to meet the changing needs and requirements of clients across a rapidly moving sector in a new post-pandemic global environment.

What are your top learnings from your top projects and why?

It is hard to trim this down to just a couple of things, as I find you are always learning and can take something from pretty much every project you undertake. But here’s two:

  • Keep It Simple – those projects that tend to be most likely to achieve their objectives are the ones with clear aims at the outset and solid project management that prevents ‘mission creep’ and deviation from the intended objectives.
  • People not Reports – whilst most projects require a standard set of documents and processes, the best ones are those in which stakeholders are fully engaged. Take the time, and invest the effort, in engaging with the people whose buy-in and added value can make a good outcome into a great outcome…this always pays off.

What’s your favourite sport/physical activity to do?

I am a very keen cyclist, both road cycling and on gravel trails, so when I get the chance, I am out enjoying the great outdoors. 

My longest and most adventurous cycling trip to date has taken me all the way over to the Caribbean Island of Antigua! As the European Cycling Directeur, I also work to promote and champion cycling and have recently led on the development of some brand-new international cycling awards for ACES Europe.

Learn more about our Consultancy services here or, for more information on what London Sport Consultancy can do for you, email Michelle directly.




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