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Research continues to inform our workforce priorities

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Research continues to inform our workforce priorities

London Sport's Specialist Advisor for Workforce, David Reader, discusses how research continues to guide the organisations's approach and led to our recent pilot project upskilling the social prescribing workforce.

Tackling inactivity and improving the overall health of the nation is a complex task and it is one which many organisations - including London Sport - are seeking to address.

The scale of the task ahead of us can, at times, appear very daunting so it is helpful if you can narrow your focus on specific actions that can contribute, alongside partners, to the overall solution.

It is from this perspective that London Sport will present the findings of our recent pilot project, which attempted to support a workforce who works directly with inactive people, at the Hilton Bankside on 23 July.

Research that we commissioned back in 2017 told us that if we are to help get inactive Londoners moving, then we need to focus on a non-traditional sporting workforce.

Why? Because compared to the traditional sport and physical activity workforce they are much more likely to come in to contact with inactive people - those we often struggle to reach with traditional interventions.

Social prescribing - helping patients to improve their health and wellbeing by connecting them to community services which might be run by the council or a local charity - is just one such workforce that falls into this category.

It is trying to engage and influence people who may benefit from greater levels of physical activity and sport.

However, further research told us that the social prescribing workforce is not always confident in prescribing sport and physical activity and this is something London Sport are eager to change.

For the last year, in conjunction with Kent University, we have delivered a pilot project to explore how we can upskill the social prescribing workforce so that they feel more confident about using physical activity and sport in their practice.

Our Tackling Inactivity through Social Prescribing event will reflect on the findings of this pilot project and look at how the work can be carried forward to more boroughs throughout London.

The event will appeal to those who are: promoting physical activity, managing or co-ordinating social prescribing programmes, seeking to make communities and individuals more active or developing a workforce to deliver physical activity.

Tickets are available now for the event on Tuesday 23 July at 1.30pm at the London Hilton Bankside Hotel. Book your free place now.




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