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Active London 2022
Active London 2022

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Why Active London 2022 is not to be missed

London Sport’s Head of Marketing and Communications Anil Manji looks ahead to Active London 2022 and shares what attendees can expect from this year’s conference, taking place on 21 September.

Following a hugely successful Active London conference last year which saw more than 600 attendees and some incredible speakers ranging from Jeanette Kwakye to Georgia Gould, London Sport is now focused on making 2022’s conference even more spectacular.

One of the most exciting changes about this year’s Active London conference is the return to in-person discussions. As the largest conference of its kind in the capital, it’s important that we bring people together to ask the difficult questions, workshop the solutions to the challenges our city is facing, and build relationships with one another so we can continue collaborating and innovating.

The changing landscape of sport and physical activity in London

London has changed a lot since Active London 2021. While we still talk about COVID and recovery, we have given ourselves room to look further ahead and discuss what the future of our city looks like.

To broaden our thinking and spark the most productive and interesting conversations for our sector, we’ve chosen Places & Spaces as our theme for 2022. We’ll be looking at a range of sessions that will examine how we bring to life non-traditional spaces for physical activity, how we can learn from other cities around the world, how we can bring in youth voices when designing active spaces, and so much more.

Sharing lessons learned from the Olympic and Paralympic legacy

One session that I am particularly looking forward to attending is around the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Following the publication of London Sport’s report on the Game’s legacy last month, we want to dig deeper to understand what has changed in the last 10 years and what we have learned to ensure that this decade will be London’s most active.

The learnings from this session - along with a number of keynote speakers and 8 other incredible sessions – will be shared with delegates and can hopefully be embedded into the strategies of organisations like ours, to help Londoners lead happier and healthier lives through being active.

This conference isn’t just for those in the sport and physical activity sector. Our speakers and guests will be made up of thought leaders, policymakers, health professionals, and community organisations, all bringing something different to the table.

We look forward to welcoming you on 21 September to join us in shaping the future of sport and physical activity in London. 

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London Sport aims to ensure Londoners live happier, healthier lives through sport and physical activity

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