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Couch to Fitness by Our Parks allows users to get active from the comfort of their own home
Couch to Fitness by Our Parks allows users to get active from the comfort of their own home

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London Sport Consultancy support launch of new Couch to Fitness web app

London Sport Consultancy has successfully completed work alongside Our Parks on the launch of the updated Couch to Fitness programme which is now available as a website app.

Couch to Fitness is a successful at-home fitness programme for beginners, developed by Our Parks with support from London Sport and National Lottery Funding from Sport England.

It was originally developed in response to the covid-19 lockdowns to help more people stay active at home and reached 100,000 users by February 2021.

Couch to Fitness is a nine-week home exercise plan for beginners which is easy-to-follow and perfect for those who are new to at-home fitness sessions and/or need some extra support and motivation along the way.

Our work with Couch to Fitness

London Sport Consultancy has been supporting the development of the Couch to Fitness programme since it's initial successful launch at the end of July 2020.

Digital marketing support from London Sport saw the programme successfully reach 800,000 Londoners in the second half of 2020 with 50% of active users from ethnically diverse communities.

The dedicated Facebook group has grown to 6,000 members who discuss their experiences and support fellow users who are also completing the nine-week programme.

Now moving into a new phase of development, London Sport Consultancy are project managing the re-launch of the programme, including the rollout of a new progressive web app, aimed at reaching both existing and new, inactive audiences.

This has involved managing user research and testing to ensure the new Couch to Fitness web app has an improved user experience.

London Sport Consultancy will now work to bring together key partners and stakeholders to embed Couch to Fitness in the sport and physical activity sector.

Chris Norfield, Head of Digital Behaviour Change, said:

“We have been working with Our Parks on the Couch to Fitness programme since 2020, and as we emerge from the pandemic, we are excited to continue working on the growth of the Couch to Fitness programme.

“By supporting Our Parks in creating this new Couch to Fitness web app, we hope to make the programme more accessible and engaging, more people starting and finishing the programme, and build on the already impressive completion rate of four in ten users.”

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