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Support for MAN v FAT from London Sport Consultancy

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Support for MAN v FAT from London Sport Consultancy

London Sport Consultancy have been supporting MAN v FAT as they look to engage new audiences and grow participation in new geographical areas across the capital. 

London Sport Consultancy’s Chris Norfield (Head of Digital Behaviour Change) and Josh Denington (Insight Consultancy Manager) were invited to support a MAN v FAT workshop in December 2021.

MAN v FAT Football is a leading men’s weight loss programme, currently supporting over 6,000 men a week across the UK to lose weight and improve their wellbeing.

They currently run several MAN V FAT clubs across London and intend to take this number to 20+ clubs in and around the capital, to help more men improve their health through football and physical activity challenges.

London Sport Consultancy shared their insights on the value of digital marketing techniques to engage new audiences with reference to London Sport’s segmentation research Understanding Less Active Londoners.

The research focuses solely on less active Londoners: those doing less than 150 minutes of physical activity per week. 

The fundamental aim of Understanding Less Active Londoners is to develop a users' sense of instinct, empathy and understanding, to help focus their efforts and connect more effectively with individuals, to benefit their long-term health and wellbeing.

Our borough level insight proved particularly valuable for the MAN v FAT team as they consider which areas to target when expanding their clubs in London, what type of individual is living in those areas, and what techniques will best engage this audience.

Josh Denington, London Sport's Insight Consultancy Manager, said:

“It was fantastic to meet with the MAN v FAT team and hear about future growth plans in London. 

"The weight loss programme is booming with strong participation numbers across existing clubs in England, and as MAN v FAT look to embed themselves further in London it is crucial to understand the potential audiences and geographies in order to enable this growth. 

"We look forward to following the growth and impact of MAN v FAT clubs in London."

Richard Crick, Head of MAN v FAT, added: 

"Chris and Josh’s workshop at our recent MAN v FAT planning event was extremely helpful. 

"They provided valuable research and insights on the differing behaviours of London’s population. They also challenged some of our assumptions which got the team thinking about more innovative approaches to some of our upcoming challenges.”

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